Face Lift Acupressure Massage

image by Susan Mrosek
Face Lift Massage brings a more vibrant tone and color to your skin. The stimulation of tissues reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

To create our process we drew from many schools, among them
    Chinese Medicine/Accupuncture: s
timulates energy
    Reflexology: self-treat underlying health issues         
    Lymphatic Drainage: decrease puffiness and swelling
    Massage: stimulate and relax soft tissue

The combination of these can give you relief from sleep disturbances, muscle pain, skin problems, digestive issues as well as calm the nervous system - all of which will show up in the mirror!

These improvements in your health bring a more vibrant tone and color to your face.  The consistent stimulation of tissues, nerves and meridians will tone and tighten your facial muscles.

                          Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

                  Improve Circulation  =  Collagen Production

                     You will look and feel MARVELOUS!!!

Feel free to contact us for either Private Sessions or Classes. Getting together a small group of friends could also be a terrific experience.