Healing Tools Meridian Therapy uses our own energy to heal ourselves

Inner Dialogues utilizes and teaches  techniques  to reconnect your body's self-healing mechanisms.   With reconnection comes communication and  that will dramatically change your relationship with your body. Recapture lost health as you bring peace and vibrancy back into your life with:


A marriage of two ancient self healing techniques -  Acupressure and Yoga.  With gentle, easy postures and light pressure on acupressure points, we give our bodies the opportunity to release physical pain and emotional trauma.  With focused breathing, we truly activate our bodies' innate healing.


The Emotion  Code is a wonderfully simple and  non-invasive way of releasing emotions that have become trapped in your body causing physical, mental and emotional symptoms.


Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a unique feedback system that utilizes your body's bio-energetics to obtain insights as to what creates strength or weakness in your body and mind.

Acupressure is based on the same Chinese Medicine principles that fathered acupuncture - in fact acupressure pre-dates it!  Using gentle finger pressure on meridian pathways and points, blocks and dysfunctions are brought back into balance. This rebalancing of your body's energy (called Chi, Ki, Prana) gives your body the opportunity to self-heal. 

Regular acupressure can bring vitality to your face and body!  Improve circulation, lymphatic flow and collagen production without surgery or chemicals.  A few minutes a day applying acupressure to your face can bring a healthy glow, reduce wrinkles, improve your health and even improve your sleep!
Developed by osteopaths, CST is a gentle hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the Cranial Sacral System.  This work releases restrictions of the spine and cranium, allowing your body to re-organize to a higher functionality and health.