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Private Sessions

Work with Rita to resolve physical and emotional issues at their core.   While CranioSacral Therapy is where we start, we can utilize anything from our Toolbox to find the most effective path to release blockages to your health, personal growth, relationships and career.   All of our methods are gentle and can create lasting shifts so that you will live a more vibrant life.  

COST:     $120.00 One Hour Session       

$70.00 Thirty Minute Session  (Children up to age 10)  

Getting rid of your Heart Wall

The Emotion Code give us a specific process to rid you of the emotional baggage you have been carrying around your heart.  Our subconscious creates protections around our heart and mind after trauma to protect it from additional pain.  This is an effective barrier, but it can leave us unable to be open to love and happiness and can create health issues.  

We can clear that wall!   

COST:      Package of Three 30 Minute Sessions:         $190

Additional 30 Minute Sessions:  $70


After this class you will know four different methods of muscle testing.  We will find the methods that work best for you and practice to build confidence and accuracy. 

Class materials to support this wonderful way of communicating with your body to determine what makes you STRONG and what makes you WEAK will be provided.

This class is a wonderful experience for a small group of friends. 

 Please contact us for pricing.  

The above  sessions and classes are being offered via phone, Zoom or in person.