image by Susan Mrosek

For over 5,000 years, Chinese medicine has used the meridian system to influence health and wellbeing.

Through hundreds of years of study, they found that when certain points on the body had pressure applied to them, the body shifted! Not only was local pain and discomfort relieved, but emotional stress was lifted. Overtime, they determined which points could alleviate specific health conditions.

These points are places on the skin that conduct bioelectrical impulses within the body. When stimulated, the points release endorphins and pain is relieved and the surrounding tissue relaxes. With the relaxation of the tissues, toxins are released and the increased circulation of blood and oxygen enable healing.

Emotional issues can arise when feelings are repressed while experiencing stress from trauma, illness or chemical imbalances. Acupressure can restore emotional balance by releasing this accumulated tension. When your body's blood, oxygen, lymph and energy systems are circulating properly, you have a greater sense of harmony and well-bring.

Acupressure may be able to help you with:

        • Headaches
        • Digestive Distress
        • Back Pain
        • Neck Pain
        • Wrist Pain
        • Ankle Pain
        • Emotional Distress

Interested in a session? Sessions are performed fully clothed and only gentle pressure (no needles!) is used.