Emotion Code™

Emotion Code release emotions stored in our body

The Emotion Code is the simplest way to get rid of emotional baggage we have found.

With the use of kinesiology (muscle testing), we can find the root cause of your physical and emotional dysfunctions.

Repressed emotions literally get "stuck" in our tissues causing emotional, mental and physical distress. Trapped emotions can create symptoms that will continue for years, even decades.

With Emotion Code, we release those emotions utilizing muscle testing and acupuncture meridians points (no needles). Its quick and astonishingly effective!

Dr. Bradley Nelson created this wonderfully simple technique for releasing emotions that get trapped in our bodies as a result of all types of trauma.


We can use this technique to discover and eliminate the repressed emotions that have been protecting your heart.

Protection is a wonderful thing until the need has passed and it becomes a prison and keeps you from living a full and loving life. We can free your heart!