Norm Shealy, MD

"Meridian based therapies...can have effects out of all proportion to their cost and complexity."

Mehmet Cengiz Oz, MD

"Energy medicine is at the forefront of healing...a legitimate and effect healing modality, and the next big frontier in medicine."

"Rita's most valuable assets are the unique warmth, intuition, and sensitivity that she brings to each encounter with her clients. Much more rare and valuable than mere technical skill is the genuine commitment to service and generosity of spirit that she personifies."

Linda Maxwell MA, LPA, CHt

“Practicing EFT with Rita makes me feel like I can breathe again! She has this way of bringing it out in me and accomplishing so much in a fun, relaxing way. I feel so relieved and whole at the end of every session.”

Beth Muse, RN

“I experienced two different emotion clearing techniques with Rita, and had excellent results in resolving both grief issues and performance anxiety. Her intuition is remarkable and I felt relaxed and comfortable working with her.”

Jeanne Burk, RN

Rita has an amazing ability to ‘zero in’ on any issue I find myself struggling with. She has helped me “shift” my behavior and break unhealthy patterns. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal.”

Dee Lee

"Rita has dramatically improved my qualify of life. I trust her expertise, intuition and believe she has a sincere concern for my overall health and well-being."

Susie Kidd