Acu-Yoga is the combination of Acupressure and Yoga. Two powerful health maintenance forms. Simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-do poses are made more effective by holding acupressure points. We then use our breath to ignite the body's own healing mechanisms. Everyone regardless of flexibility or fitness level, will receive benefits from Acu-Yoga.

Acupressure, the predecessor of acupuncture, has been practiced for thousands of years to create relaxation in specific tissues. Using hands, fingers, or tools, points along the Meridian System are held to facilitate relaxation of the surrounding tissues. Relaxation brings energy and blood flow to areas previously restricted through trauma, emotional distress, or lifestyle.

Yoga is an ancient healing art that combines postures and breathing styles. We use a simplified form of yoga that focuses on intent and circulation rather than exact postures. We never work beyond our comfort level. Poses can be adapted to accommodate any limitation.

We will be teaching classes for specific concerns:

Back and Neck Pain Circulation Headaches

Digestive Issues Immune System Insomnia

Emotional Issues Stress Flexibility